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Money Management Skills For Children and Their Parents

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Providing Money Management Skills For Children and Their Parents.

We all wish the best for our children. By empowering them with solid money management skills we take a strong step towards achieving that goal.  They will have a useful set of tools that they can count on throughout their lives.

Children do not come with an innate sense of money management. These skills need to be taught. provides a framework to help tackle this sometimes challenging task. But, where to begin you ask?

Each family's situation will be different. These series of articles and related tools have been selected to provide you with a guideline on how best to improve your children’s financial literacy. Additional resources are also provided to address specific topics relating to your individual situation.

Although the primary focus of this site is on Financial Literacy for Children, more general money management resources have also been made available for parents. In case you think that financial management doesn't apply to you, think again. The evidence is clear. Raising children is an ever increasing financial commitment. Most daily activities are affected in one way or another by finance.

Improve Your Money Management Skills

If you've always planned to brush up on your financial skills, provides many resources to help you achieve your goals. By improving both your children's as well as your financial know how you will take a positive step towards achieving financial security and creating a happier more secure environment for your family.