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Money Management Skills For Children and Their Parents

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A Money-Saving Guide for College Students

by Ken Charnly

During college, a student tends to take money for granted because of all the excitement generated by the activities, studying and hanging out with friends. You would not want to put yourself in debt or overspend your allowance that is why you need to keep a close watch of your spending habits.

Here is an easy to follow guide on how a college student can save up those hard-earned bucks:

1. Make a list of your expenses. By now, you should know how much money you expect to have for each week or month that you have classes. The money that you will live on could be from your parents, your part-time work or a student loan. List down your spending essentials like food, school supplies and books. This should give you an idea of how much you would get to spend each week. Do not forget to save some petty cash for unexpected expenses.

2. Avoid using your credit or debit cards. It would be easier if you do not have a credit or a debit card with you all the time. Just keep them handy for a big expense that you really do not have cash for. For small items that you need to purchase, it is better to still use the cash that you have with you to keep yourself from overspending.

3. Eat well. Eating out a lot might save you time but it will definitely not save you money. In the long run, it will be more costly for you to eat each meal at fast food restaurants. Instead, you can spend your food money on groceries and you can just eat in your dorm or apartment; and even pack your lunch when you have classes. With the right meal-planning, you would not just save money but you would also get to eat healthier.

4. Treat yourself once in a while. By following this guide and keeping your luxury items to a minimum, you can save yourself a lot of money while studying for college. Who knows, you might even save enough to buy yourself a big item that otherwise, you would not even have the money for?

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