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Improve and Organize Your Photos With Picasa: A Powerful Digital Image Management Program.

Free from Google

Are you a typical digital camera user?  Do you have a growing collection of  images on your computer that you're struggling to keep organized.  Even if you've just recently purchased a digital camera or are thinking of going digital soon,  you should take a serious look at Picasa.  Best of all it's completely free.

Picasa is a digital photo management program from Google.  It sorts all the image files on your computer.  This includes not only photographs but video clips and many other image format files.  The results are presented in a familiar, easy to navigate directory format.  You'll be surprised at what's on your hard drives.

Have you printed digital pictures only to be disappointed with the results?  If you get back images that aren't exactly as you remembered them  that's often because the picture size from the camera does not match the print sizes available.  You end up with people's shoulder's cut off, the tops of people's heads missing etc.  Google provides an easy to use cropping function that ensures your pictures will come back exactly as you want them.

Considering that it's free, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how many powerful features are included.   They're all simple to use as well.   There's  no learning curve. 

  • 12 high power  lighting and color effects

  • Remove Red-Eye  in seconds

  • Sharpen blurred photos with one click

  • Make a picture collage from your photos

  • Straighten pictures with ease

  • Quickly burn photos on CD or DVD

  • Standard size or custom, it's your choice

  • E-Mail photos to family and friends with ease

  • Add captions to your photos

The complete list of features is too numerous to mention. Try out Picasa for yourself and see what a difference a straightforward, easy to use photo management program can do for you.

With Picasa you'll spend more time taking photos and less time managing them.

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